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His son asked to be able to carry him away but was told by an Israeli soldier that the area would become a closed military zone at 9am, allowing him 3 minutes to assist his father. Upon requesting an ambulance, the soldier is reported to have said that he could call one but the family would have to pay 7,000 shekels, which they could not afford. The soldier then informed Suleiman's son that following their conversation he now only had two minutes remaining to collect his father from the valley where he had fallen."We are animals and they are humans," said one of the Bedouin women. Foreign Secretary David Miliband was dragged into the expenses row yesterday after it was disclosed that he claimed £50 for photographs of himself taking part in line-dancing.Nasser believes that it is an attempt to scare the Bedouin following Justice Vogelman's judgement.


Following a demolition order issued against the bread oven from the Civil Administration in 2010, the High Court of Justice issued a temporary order preventing it's destruction in response to a petition by the residents.

They also say that the wind only blows in the direction of the settlement for one month of the year, casting doubt over the Goldsteins' claims. I want him to be a nice, quiet neighbour but some of settlers don't want that. Belonging to the Hadalin tribe and originally from Tel Arad, the community was expelled in the early 1950s by Israel.


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