Backdating training contract


From 30 June 2014, the gateway conditions were amended to allow claims from couples in certain postcodes.Further postcodes were announced throughout 2014 and from November 2014 some postcodes began accepting claims from people with children.From May 2016, the DWP have started rolling out the digital (full) service to existing live service areas.Claimants already claiming UC in these areas will be transferred across to the digital service system within 3 months of the digital go-live date for that area.However the gateway conditions should not be confused with the entitlement conditions of UC.Even if a person meets the gateway conditions, it does not mean they will be entitled to UC.Once that process is complete, from July 2019, DWP will begin migrating all remaining existing benefit claimants to the full UC digital service with a view to completion by March 2022.Separate arrangements will be made for those over state pension credit age.

This national roll-out into these ‘live service’ areas continued until April 2016 when the live service was available in all Jobcentres across Great Britain.There are frequent developments in the Universal Credit landscape – we advise that you check our blog for the latest news.


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