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Don’t mix and match bold and patterns and remove the focus from your face. Don’t fall in to the typical picture traps While it may be tempting to wear revealing clothing in your photos, this is one of the most counter-productive things you can do.In a recent Elite Singles survey, a vast amount of members indicated that revealing pictures was one of the most off-putting things on a profile.Good profile pictures aptly tell your story; they enable your personality and interests to shine through.When done properly they are a very good way to attract the type of people you want to be meeting; like-minded, intelligent individuals.However when done badly, they can give an inaccurate impression of your character and most likely you won’t meet the type of people you want to.First impressions are everything, which is why we created this guide to make sure you’re representing yourself effectively and correctly.Those serious about online dating want to have a complete and accurate profile of those they will potentially date.

Of course people will not base their entire decision on a photo but it is a good way to get an overview of the person you’re speaking to online.There’s nothing more attractive than confidence and a picture of you smiling happily can only be received well.Toby Aiken, who is a professional in this field, suggests having profile pictures is vital for a good dating profile for two important reasons.Consciously relax your muscles and try to go with a natural smile.’ Confidence is key in real life and equally in photos.

If you feel attractive as the photos are taken you’re sure to have some good profile pictures. Think about the background too Of course you are the focus of your photo and it’s important that you keep it that way!

In order to avoid seemingly forced shots pick a place in which you feel comfortable and at ease.


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