Christian advice online dating

Obviously there are still the offline opportunities to meet people at your local church or at church organized events and here at we will provide you with tips, information and resources to help make it as easy as possible for you to meet and date other Christians.

Some of the topics we are going to cover are: It's all really about how to date other Christians while having a good time like you would on any other date.

Secular as well as Christian dating sites are all desperate to get each others customers not so much out of greed – more survival.

The biggest sites seem to get bigger whilst the smallest get smaller – the same with most businesses these days.



This happens because the romantic idea of opening a dating agency or singles site on the web is one that many people have – with millions of people on the Internet it seems impossible to fail, but in reality the competition is very fierce. Finding a partner to date who is a Christian boils down to finding someone who has similar religion and beliefs in God as you do.


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