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: Kim Kardashian West might be the biggest reality star in the world, but at the height of the show’s popularity in 2007, she was just Brody Jenner’s stepsister.She even made an appearance at Spencer and Heidi’s housewarming party during Season 3, discussing jellyfish and the MTV Video Music Awards.Unfortunately, this riveting footage was left on the cutting-room floor.The entire Brody-LC relationship was fabricated: Speaking of Brody Jenner, apparently their entire relationship was a lie.“We had zero chemistry,” Conrad explained, while confessing she initially had a small crush on Bruce Jenner's son.



The frenemy situation with Heidi Montag were actually real: LC and Heidi were the best of friends until Spencer Pratt came into their lives, bringing with him the drama (and lifeblood) of the show. Unfortunately, it is what it is, and we both have to move on.” Spencer, however, was a little less diplomatic with his response about the special.

The reality-star-turned fashionista admitted she prefers not to look back on the show as it doesn’t bring back the “best memories.” “I never loved being on camera.


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