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Wales T02448/2754 View of Conway Castle, Caernavonshire T02449/2755 The light-house on Point of Air, Flintshire T02450/2756 View near Hoyle-lake, Cheshire T02451/2757 The Towns-end Mill, Liverpool T02452/2758 Seacombe Ferry, Liverpool T02453/2759 Liverpool, taken from the opposite side of the River T02454/2760 Lancaster Castle T02455/2761 View near Lower Heysham, Lancashire T02456/2762 Distant View of Whitbarrow Scar, Westmoreland T02457/2763 Castle-head, Westmoreland T02458/2764 Peel Castle, Lancashire T02459/2765 Whitehaven, Cumberland T02460/2766 Harrington near Whitehaven Cumberland T02461/2767 Mary Port, Cumberland T02462/2768 Carlaverock Castle, Dumfrieshire T02463/2769 Kirkudbright T02464/2770 The Mull of Galloway, Wigtonshire T02465/2771 Port Patrick, Wigtonshire T02466/2772 Cardness Castle, near Gatehouse, Kirkcudbrightshire T02467/2773 Near Carsleith, Galloway T02468/2774 Wigton, Galloway T02469/2775 Cree-town Kirkudbrightshire T02470/2776 The Crag of Ailsa T02471/2777 Culzean Castle, Ayrshire T02472/2778 Distant View of Ayr T02473/2779 Pier at Ardrossan, Ayrshire T02474/2780 The Isle of Arran, taken near Ardrossan T02475/2781 Ardgowan, Renfrewshire T02476/2782 Greenock, on the Clyde T02477/2783 Steam boat on the Clyde near Dumbarton T02478/2784 Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute T02479/2785 Loch Ranza - Isle of Arran T02480/2786 Duntrune Castle, Loch Crenan, Argylshire T02481/2787 Loch Swene, Argylshire T02482/2788 Rassella near Kilmartin Loch Crenan, Argylshire T02483/2789 On the Isle of Jura T02484/2790 Inverary Castle, Argylshire T02485/2791 Dunolly Castle, near Oban, Argylshire T02486/2792 Dunstaffnage Castle, Argylshire T02487/2793 Clam-shell Cave, Staffa, Iona in the distance T02488/2794 Exterior of Fingal's Cave, Staffa T02489/2795 Entrance to Fingal's Cave, Staffa T02490/2796 In Fingals Cave, Staffa T02491/2797 Staffa near Fingals Cave T02492/2798 The Cormorants Cave, Staffa T02493/2799 View from the Island of Staffa T02494/2800 The Island of Staffa from the East T02495/2801 The Island of Staffa, from the South West T02496/2802 View of Iona, from the N.

East T02497/2803 The Cathedral at Iona T02498/2804 View of Ben-more, from near Ulva house T02499/2805 Remains of the Chapel &c.

For the first four volumes the firm of Longman shared the risk of publication with him. Some of the plates were reissued after Daniell's death, for example by Bohn in the 1850s.

In the present century, Thomas Ross & Son held a contract from Nattali & Maurice from 1948 onwards for printing and publishing the Voyage.

At an unknown date two of the copper-plates (‘Dunsky Castle’ and ‘Hull’) were los T0 A final of Daniell's aquatinting.

Ayton's and Daniell's 900 page text was also reprinted on this occasion and published in two volumes in 1978 by the Tate Gallery Publications Department and the Scolar Press.


"I heard it when I was on the bus back from college.on Inch Kenneth T02500/2806 Gribune-head in Mull T02501/2807 Loch-na-gael, near Knock on Mull T02502/2808 Distant view of Cruachan-ben, taken near Arros bridge, Isle of Mull T02503/2809 Arros Castle, Isle of Mull T02504/2810 Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull T02505/2811 Mingarry Castle, Argylshire T02506/2812 Ardnamurchan point, Argylshire T02507/2813 Scoor Eig, on the Isle of Eig T02508/2814 Part of the Isle of Rum T02509/2815 Armidal, the Seat of Lord Macdonald, Isle of Skye T02510/2816 Iloransay, Isle of Skye T02511/2817 Balmacarro-house, Loch-alsh, Roshire T02512/2818 Castle Ellen-Donan T02513/2819 Loch-Duich, Ross-shire T02514/2820 Ilan-dreoch-Glenbeg, Invernesshire T02515/2821 The bay of Barrisdale, in Loch Hourne T02516/2822 Loch Hourne head T02517/2823 Glen-coe taken near Ballachulish T02518/2824 Near Kylakin, Skye T02519/2825 Liveras, near Broadford, Skye T02520/2826 Portree on the Isle of Skye T02521/2827 Glenvargle bridge, near Portree, Skye T02522/2828 Duntulm, Isle of Skye T02523/2829 Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye T02524/2830 Dunvegan Castle T02525/2831 Little Brieshmeal, near Talisker, Skye T02526/2832 Loch Scavig, Skye T02527/2833 Loch Coruisq near Loch Scavig T02528/2834 The Coolin, taken from Loch Slapin T02529/2835 From the Isle of Rasay, looking Westward T02530/2836 Castle Broichin on the Isle of Raasay T02531/2837 Rowadill in Harris T02532/2838 Light House on the Isle of Scalpa, Harris T02533/2839 Part of the Northern face of one of the Shiant Isles T02534/2840 Near view of one of the Shiant Isles T02535/2841 Stornaway, on the Isle of Lewis T02536/2842 Remains of a Temple at Galston, Isle of Lewis T02537/2843 Druidical stone at Strather, near Barvas, Isle of Lewis T02538/2844 The Gair-loch, Ross-shire T02539/2845 Gair-loch head, Ross-shire T02540/2846 Creen-stone rock, Loch Broom T02541/2847 Pier at Tanera, Loch Broom T02542/2848 Ben Sulvhein, from Loch-Inver T02543/2849 View of Cuniag, from Loch Inver T02544/2850 Unapool in Kyles-cu Assynt T02545/2851 Rispand, Durness T02546/2852 Entrance to the Cave of Smowe T02547/2853 Whiten-head, Loch Eribol T02548/2854 Bay of Tongue T02549/2855 Strath-naver, Sutherlandshire T02550/2856 The Clett-rock, Holborn-head T02551/2857 Thurso, from near Holborn head T02552/2858 Castle Sinclair, Thurso T02553/2859 Castle Hill near Thurso T02554/2860 Mey Castle, Caithness T02555/2861 The Ferry at Scarskerry, Caithness T02556/2862 Near the Berry-head, Hoy, Orkney T02557/2863 The Snook, Hoy, Orkney T02558/2864 The Old Man of Hoy T02559/2865 Stromness, Orkney T02560/2866 Stones of Stennis, Orkney T02561/2867 The Cathedral of ST0 Magnus, Kirkwall, Orkney T02562/2868 S. view of the Cathedral & Palace, at Kirkwall, Orkney T02563/2869 Kirkwall, Orkney, from the Bay T02564/2870 N.


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