Dating etiquette in ukraine


- At the entrance of upscale restaurants and theaters, expect that your coat, briefcase, or baggage will be checked.- If it is possible, have business cards printed in Ukrainian on one side and English on the other. As their guest, you will receive red-carpet treatment.This includes heavily-laden tables, gifts, and many toasts.- Don't put your thumb between your first two fingers; this is a very rude gesture. Most banks are open without breaks, Monday through Saturday from a.m.- p.m.An eight-hour day is considered a normal work day, Monday through Friday. It is recommended to have a packet of tissues on hand because public restrooms rarely supply toilet paper.

Holidays are often celebrated for several days, depending on when the holiday falls.For example, if a holiday falls on Thursday, then Friday and Saturday may also be holidays.If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then Monday is considered a holiday as well.A bottle of wine, a cake, or a bouquet of flowers are customary.

- If there is a child in the house, it is appropriate to provide him/her with a small gift as well.- In Orthodox churches, women should wear scarves or hats, and men should take off their hats.


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