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A sense that education is about being cultured rather than being smart--Fine Arts matters more than Math. A kind of incessent nobless oblige--a kindness toward those who are less fortunate that is also deeply condescending (and won't let you into the country club, either.) 7. In truth, WASPs are pretty much like everyone else--variegated and hard to define in the aggregate. And I was lucky to have a WASP dad who married a smart, pretty Italian girl and went into journalism instead of investment banking. But I do know which fork to use when they bring out the fish course.Historically, a tendency to vote Republican, but now, perhaps a disdain for politics in general--and certainly a disdain for the rough cowboy politics of the Tea Party, even as the right's economic agenda perpetuates WASP interests. A tendency to see each new generation as less successful than the last--many of my contemporary WASP acquaintance (baby-boomers) lacked ambition and turned into trust-fund babies. Preppy fashion adopted new nuances, and preppy culture has become more inclusive.


Lisa Birnbach reveals through an ironic tone where preps go to school, where they summer, what brands they wear, and how they decorate their homes.In the 1980s, I interviewed a consummate WASP--William Bundy--at his estate in Princeton, NJ.He met me and my photographer at the train station driving a beat-up pick-up truck and wearing old khakis, worn loafers, a frayed button-down shirt, and a tweed jacket going out at the elbows. A deep disdain for "new money" and for the excesses of style that go with it.Coverage lessens during the book's latter chapters.

The book was first published in 1980 by Workman Publishing.A deep, instinctive sense of manners and propriety--what constitutes "good taste" and the right way to behave and act in every situation. It would be the WASP thing to do not to strive for a position, to value sportsmanship ahead of winning (while still being brutally competitive), and to care deeply about appearences (pay no attention to that drunk uncle with his face in the mashed potatoes.) 3.


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