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Although smaller than its famous Parisian counterpart, Luxembourg's cathedral is no less impressive or stunning.

The cornerstone was laid in 1613, and the late Gothic style also contains many beautiful adornments and elements of the Renaissance era.

The building itself is a work of art designed by celebrated architect IM Pei.

There are no permanent displays, but the every-changing collection is always worth a visit.

Do as the locals do, sampling the drinks and dancing at each bar until the early hours.

The city's Modern Art Museum is one of the finest in Europe.

The small capital has a huge variety of nightlife options, including world-class theaters, sophisticated musical venues and rollicking bars and nightclubs.

If you are indecisive, head to the Rives de Clausen district, where many bars and clubs sit snugly next to another.

The majority of Luxembourgers speak English as a second language and many foreign immigrants speak Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Turkish, and Arabic.

The “other” category is largely made up of Protestants, Jewish, And Muslim practitioners. Luxembourg Climate Luxembourg has an oceanic climate with high levels of precipitation.

You will want to stay longer to explore the old cobbled streets, romantic parks, inviting public squares and terrace cafes.



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