Fundal height dating

Relying on fundal height as above must take into account explainable discrepancies.The trick I use is to judge the height of the fundus in relation to the umbilicus (belly button).It is measured from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus in centimeters and it should match your baby’s gestational age, within one to three centimeters; for example, a measure of 22 centimeters should be seen on a 19 to 25 weeks pregnant woman.This measurement, as you might suspect, should increase as your pregnancy continues toward a due date.But if a doctor gets a discrepancy that’s wildly different from what was expected based on the previous doctor’s fundal height last visit, then ultrasound is justified.


But the fundal height is very useful in the larger clinics, because many different doctors will see a patient before her due date.

Because there needs to be at least some objective frame of reference among the different doctors, the fundal height measurement can still be helpful.


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