Hillel dating

“I would probably date someone like me who isn’t very religious because that would be more comfortable,” said Samantha Pezzello, a junior double-majoring in studio art and German.

“I’m not very religious but I wouldn’t convert to another religion for anyone.” Jason Cruz, the educational chair of PAL and a co-host of the event, shared his story with the audience regarding the Roman-Catholic upbringing of his family and how intimate partners who did not partake in the faith were treated.

According to the "Megillah" (IV, 4), when the lesson to be read aloud was from the "Torah" only one verse was to be read to the translator ().

“I think it’s cool that a lot of cultures can come together and talk about things like interracial dating,” said Aaron Chernin, a sophomore majoring in mathematics.I guess that just goes to show how important it is that religion be passed on.” Other topics included interracial dating and pre-marital sex, which students said depended heavily on their family’s culture and religion.



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