Invictory dating

The war is just about to heat up in the late Summer of 1939 when a new foe emerges and the Axis and Allies have to band together to take them on. Second is the asking price for what they’re promising.Which means that you’ll have access to all seven listed nations’ naval power. Now, I have no real problems with being able to go out with cute personifications of war machines. What has me wary of backing Victory Belles is a number of reasons. For only k they’re looking to get professional voice actress for all of the ships as well as a lot of art assets and finishing touches.


Also, remember to bring your camera to capture the moment in Victory Lane with Santa!

However, in the case of Victory Belles you’re beset with over a hundred lovely ladies who just happen to be the spirit of their namesake naval battleship.

Yeah, Kickstarter projects have been getting weird lately haven’t they?

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