Jiayuan dating Sexierc video chat free

In addition, it is likely that the victim will never realise that he has been scammed, since the date really happened, and the victim possibly had a good time.” It’s also, according to the study, not strictly illegal, so the con artists involved don’t put themselves at much of a risk. Just be glad these shakedowns haven't made their way abroad yet. announced on Monday that they will be acquired by a subsidiary of competitor Baihe Network Co.As opposed to many American Online dating websites, Chinese online dating websites tend to focus on finding a husband or wife.Jiayuan is designed to help Chinese singles find marriage, and discourages its members from pursuing short term flings.The dating site claims to have 90 million users in 80 different cities across China.


Baihe will fund the deal through .4 million USD in cash, and private placement of shares or bank loans.

The most popular scam – fake profiles promoting escort services – will be familiar to users of any dating service in any country.



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