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Even though an eternal marriage had been a goal of his since being a seminary student, he though that he needed double up his efforts in order to be sealed in the temple to that special person that he felt that Heavenly Father would like him to meet.

It turned out, that we all pretty much felt the same as Fred did.

True LDS offers a lot of advanced features, but, regardless of this, there still very real humans beings behind the site. You can make and save elaborate searches on just about any criteria. True LDS is SSL certified, has encrypted databases and is being monitored around the clock for any security issues by Site Lock. True LDS was originally set up by 7 friends (see below) with the sole purpose of making a positive contribution to the LDS Singles community. We are not part of a large public company that needs to hit quarterly or yearly targets.

By being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have a keen eye on who is genuine and who is not. True LDS has been set up so that it is easy to use, but yet is feature rich. After you have signed up, you do not constantly get bothered with annoying ‘promotions’ or daily reminders that you have unread messages, as is the case with some other LDS dating sites. You can contact other LDS singles who you are interested in by private message and by sending gifts completely free of charge. You can share pictures with everyone or only with individuals of your choice. We, of course, monitor our profiles, but also sent messages for any abnormalities. Unlike many other LDS dating sites that are not run by members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but rather by Wall Street.

Our Mission; The best LDS Dating site for LDS singles. To ensure that we have the best LDS singles on our site, we go through each profile manually.

Online dating is no longer a thing that only a few Mormons do. Automated systems can pick up inappropriate language and even scan images for things such as nudity.


Because of this, True LDS was launched in February of 2015. On True LDS, this profile would have been removed within a day! This is a very unsafe thing to do as anyone on the web can potentially find them.We as fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are committed to making a real contribution to helping LDS singles find and mingle with each other in a safe and relaxed environment. The problem is that the owners simply do NOT scrutinize who uses their site and for what purpose.


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