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A., Remini says she wrote her costars an uplifting email to boost morale.About five minutes into the meeting, Osbourne suddenly went on the attack.

[Hollywood Reporter] Discovery’s annual Shark Week chewed up its biggest ratings ever.

reality show called “Forever Young.” Think “Beauty and the Geek,” but with retirees and 20-somethings instead of airheads and nerds.

[TV Land] CBS has set a premiere date for its “The View” alternative “The Talk.” The Sara Gilbert-Julie Chen-Leah Remini-and-others chat show debuts Oct. [CBS] “Rescue Me” co-creator Peter Tolan is going back into the network fold.

A couple of weeks ago, Congress passed a long overdue bill that will restore sanity to millions of Americans.


When it takes effect, about a year from now, the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act—acronymically, the Act—will lower the tax on our nervous systems by forcing broadcast and cable operators to keep the decibel level of commercials on a par with the average noise level of the shows they punctuate.

PHOTOS: RADAR’S ROCK & ROLL HALL OF SHAME: THE 30 MOST SHOCKING & OUTRAGEOUS MOMENTS IN MUSIC HISTORY “I spoke to [co-host and CBS producer] Julie Chen and persuaded her to give Sharon due respect, let her skip meetings, take days off, make her feel important,” she recalls.



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