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By this reckoning, the first Olympiad lasted from the summer of 776 BC to that of 772 BC.By extrapolation to the Gregorian calendar, the 4th year of the 698th Olympiad begins in (Northern-Hemisphere) mid-summer 2016., olympiás) is a period of four years associated with the Olympic Games of the Ancient Greeks.During the Hellenistic period, beginning with Ephorus, it was used as a calendar epoch.

(After the introduction of the Metonic cycle about 432 BC, the start of the Olympic year was determined slightly differently).A modern Olympiad refers to a four-year period beginning January 1 of a year in which the Summer Olympics are due to occur.The first modern Olympiad began in 1896, the second in 1900, and so on (the 31st began in 2016: see the Olympic Charter). Example: Olympiad 140, year 1 = 220/219 BC; year 2 = 219/218 BC; year 3 = 218/217 BC; year 4 = 217/216 BC.The first poster to announce the games using this term was the one for the 1932 Summer Olympics, in Los Angeles, using the phrase: Call to the games of the Xth Olympiad Note, however, that the official numbering of the Winter Olympics does not count Olympiads—- it counts only the Games themselves.

For example: Some media people have from time to time referred to a particular (e.g., the nth) Winter Olympics as "the Games of the nth Winter Olympiad", perhaps believing it to be the correct formal name for the Winter Games by analogy with that of the Summer Games.

Some winners were recorded though, until the last Olympiad of 393AD.


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