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Visit news source Morgan Freeman not planning to marry his step-granddaughter Morgan freeman's granddaughter killed - Morgan freeman’s step-granddaughter in 2009, tabloids had accused freeman of having an affair with hines, who is his step-granddaughter.

Visit news source Morgan Freeman's Granddaughter Killed Morgan freeman: no, i’m not marrying my step-granddaughter - "driving miss daisy" star morgan freeman attempts to clear up persistent reports that he's wedding his decades-younger relative morgan freeman would like to make something perfectly clear: he does not plan to marry his step-granddaughter. Visit news source Morgan Freeman: No, I’m Not Marrying My Step-Granddaughter Morgan freeman’s bizarre affair with e’dena may have triggered the bloodbath!

Actor Morgan Freeman on Sunday announced the death of his granddaughter, Edena Hines, 33, who New York City police said was found fatally stabbed near her residence. EDT on Sunday and found a woman later identified as Hines lying in the street in the Harlem section of New York, said police spokesman George Tsourovakas.Visit news source Morgan Freeman finally denies “romantic relationship” with step-granddaughter Morgan freeman having affair with granddaughter - A family source divulges the dark secret.


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