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Since 6 August 2010, no amount of alcohol is tolerated in the blood of drivers. Driving under the influence of drugs is also prohibited. In one of the Moscow districts, police can carry out tests on the saliva of drivers for the presence of narcotics.

If the test is positive, the driver is then taken to a clinic for further tests.

The following national speed limits apply: Fines must be paid through a bank. Vehicles may only be confiscated following a court decision.

A foreign driving licence does not entitle the holder to drive a car in Russia until the age of 18 years & a motorcycle until the age of 16.They are indicated by the letter P and the international symbol of the wheelchair.The international 3-colour traffic light system is used.It is advisable to draw up an inventory of the contents of a trailer or caravan, although not required.

The wearing of seat belts is compulsory when fitted in the vehicle, for the driver and any passengers.

Stopping and parking are allowed on the right-hand side of the road, with the vehicle facing in the direction of the traffic flow.


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