Nude text dating

The truth is this sexting game is not that easy in practice.

You have to trust the person you’re sending the message to, you have to keep in mind that you don’t want to penalize your partner for something that other untrustworthy partners have done and you have to not overextend yourself in a ways that you’ll regret later.

Leaked nudes are never the fault of the person who decides to take the picture and send it to their significant other, or save it on their storage device. People should not be leaking anything that was sent to them with the expectation that it would only be kept between the two of them.

(This also a big reason why I believe that people who screenshot text message conversations are dangerously close to the scum of the dating world.

It’s such a trifling action that it will almost always lead to the end of a relationship or beginning of certain pandemonium.)Regardless, it seems as though there needs to be some type of guidelines for which we all need to operate under to prevent people from either stopping sending nudes altogether or beginning to press charges when they are leaked.

(Even though we’ve found out that if you didn’t take the picture, you don’t own the picture.

DON’T: Post your nudes on a shared server such as Dropbox, i Cloud, or Google Drive.And of that 47 percent, about one in 10 have sent a "not suitable for work" message to the wrong person. However, anecdotally, people extend the definition to include sexually explicit and suggestive words as well.


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