Old mtv dating show name

After he wins the first round, he hurtles on stage and shrieks, “I’m touching Bob Barker, YEAH!

An MTV reality series where people set up their friends on "disaster" blind dates.

Then the fireworks start: the parents and the current boyfriend/girlfriend sit together and watch the dates on video.

They make very insulting remarks to each other as things happen.

The caustic dialog (again, obviously scripted) is just so nuts that it's actually interesting to hear it coming from their mouths.

Here's the setup: A teenager's parents are fed up with their kid's current boyfriend/girlfriend so they select two new prospects and send them on dates.



A 19-year-old Paul nearly combusts when he gets called down, dance-stomps his way to the stage, and never uses a normal speaking tone again.

It's amusing, if you can appreciate a bit of sick fun.



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