Overseas live cam

Earth Cam is the global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services.Founded in 1996, Earth Cam exists to encourage exploration, foster discovery and connect people through innovative live camera technology.Earth Cam Air combines Earth Cam’s powerful webcam technology with UAV services, cloud-based storage solutions and distribution tools.Earth Cam has developed a geospatial mapping platform, resulting in a comprehensive analytical report with countless benefits.

Contact Us - Shop local with Earth Cam’s Regional Offices.Also if you are looking for a hotel, there is no better place than us!More than 200 webcams show current live pictures of Austria every day.Get informed about the current weather situation in your hometown or your next holiday destination at on a daily basis.

Our webcams and livecams are located on the coast of the Mediterranean and the North Sea, in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Alps, providing comprehensive weather information throughout Europe.

In 2015, Earth Cam documented 1 billion of construction projects.



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