Red flags on online dating

While it is that you're dating a world famous, jetsetting business mogul or an overworked E. doctor, there's usually a much simpler explanation for this behavior: he or she is seeing other people.

While we're all busy from time to time, those who keep rescheduling an initial face-to-face meeting usually have something to hide (haven't you seen Maybe the person is socially awkward, or misrepresenting him- or herself physically -- or maybe he or she is just not that into it.

If you're looking for a relationship, don't waste your time with coldly shallow profiles, which indicate that the person either thinks they're too good-looking to bother with a description, or is a spammer fishing for suckers.

On the other hand, someone who lists personal fun fact after fun fact in his or her online profile isn't exhibiting very good judgment, either.

(If you're now rethinking your own online bio, check out our guide on how to create the perfect online presence.)Uncovering a partner's past relationship history is important for understanding that person's strengths and weaknesses.

However, online profiles are appropriate mediums for this information to be shared.


Meet this person for coffee, and odds are that you'll be scheming for a way to escape the date within the first 30 minutes out of sheer boredom.Stating some basic requirements like if you are willing to see someone who is a chain smoker or has kids of their own is important.That is how the online or offline dating thing works.If a guy is truly interested in knowing you he will take the time to actually view your profile and then write a personal message referring to specific things in your profile.

Sending a generic cut-and-paste chat message like, “Hey miss, I just saw your profile picture and was fascinated and charmed …” is a definite dating red flag! I want you ‘to be (or not to be)…’ And who are you, Lord Voldemort?

Even if your crush is being transparent, do you really want to start a relationship with someone so flaky?


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