Sex in your city dating

Miranda, the most successful one, is the least cool, Token Sarcastic Bitch one.

Charlotte in particular, with her obsession with marrying rich and being treated like a princess, looks particularly grim in the cold light of 2016.

Certainly, the social codes of Manhattan's dating scene seem ridiculously quaint now.

Slobbering over Manolos and designer handbags is gauche, and not something most 30-somethings today are all that interested in. As for moving to Paris with a man who makes absolutely zero room for you in his life? Worst of all, while Sex and the City featured many positive lessons and strong representations of women, one conceit has stuck around: that women are materialistic gold-diggers who only want a perfect prince charming (Black Amex card, not optional).

It was the groan heard round the world when Sarah Jessica Parker dropped a tantalising (possibly horrifying) hint that Carrie Bradshaw and her band of merry Manhattanites could be making a comeback.What wasn't fun by anyone's yardstick was the two-hours-plus Sex and the City 2.


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