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Make the extra effort to keep looking for the man who intrinsically possesses the character and personality that genuinely resonates with you. Set boundaries before the date begins Establishing a minimum criteria for how you expect to be treated on a date is essential because it sets the stage for how you expect to be treated for the duration of the relationship.Inappropriate behavior on a date includes: showing up late, speaking on the cell phone instead of providing you with his undivided attention, insulting you and others, combing the venue for other women and flirting with the staff.Implementing the following six steps will allow you to immediately weed out less suitable men and stay focused on attracting what you really want in a man and a relationship. Determine what you really want in a relationship before you begin dating. If what you really want is a long-term relationship, and he is interested in something more casual, don't compromise.Be honest with yourself about what you really desire and what he's really after.You can "LOL" or "LMAO" if that's more your style, but let's be honest are you really laughing out loud? Most likely the answer is no, so why build this new fake relationship on a lie?Warning, do not "haha" and "LOL" too much because then you'll encourage her to be funny and no guy wants a girl who's funnier than them .Become Facebook friends and follow each other on Twitter. Unless you want to seem super eager, do not like and fav everything she posts. "Haha" is a great safe first comment, just be sure what she posted was meant to be funny.



To these types of men, women who are only too willing to assist them financially are easy prey and can be easily taken advantage of because they are desperate to have a relationship. Be objective about who he really is Don't come to the table with preconceived notions; be open-minded.

Don't try to make a casual interest on his part into something more than what it is. Determine what you really want in a man before you begin dating.


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