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No, actually, that was LAST YEAR that I told you were were doing this quick bathroom makeover!! When I say it was last year when we started this, don’t be fooled — it didn’t really take a year. This was just a quick facelift, not rocket science. Anyhoo…let’s rewind the clock a little bit ALL THE WAY BACK TO FEBRUARY LAST YEAR and refresh our memories, shall we?So it had to be decorated for all of our kids and guests alike.We decided quirky-fun would be better than new-house-dull, so that is what we set out to do on a small budget and a few days of effort.

The vanity is a natural brownish wood and I initially wanted to paint the cabinet but after painting all the walls, I just wasn’t in the mood for more painting. I decided I would abandon my usual neutral wall paint and let this room be a little pop of happy as you come down the hall.

In order to do more board & batten we’d have to do more cutting and trimming and tie it all into the counter. So, we just decided to make things easy on ourselves and paint the walls. This is an easy-peasy durable non-messy project that can be completed in a very short time. Here is the tutorial for how to do this faux tin ceiling tile backsplash!



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