Updating shifters on mountain bike

You will also need to budget for a cassette and chain as your old wheels will most likely have a screw on freewheel/cassette.I have found an 8 speed (or 7 speed cassette with spacer )works fine with downtube shifters.Thanks in advance for all your guys help.thank you to all for the replies....i have come to the decision to only buy new wheels.the gears and brakes work satisfactorily so will keep them. New brake pads will hopefully make the brakes a little more responsive.It's only worth it if the bike really means something to you as this one did to her. Hello all, I am new to cycling and have just purchased a peugeot road bike from ebay.It is a Peugeot etoile and in pretty good condition (i.e it is ridable).A new back wheel with Shimano freehub was fitted with 8sp 11-32 cassette and a cheap Shimano MTB rear mech. Original brake calipers were cleaned and new blocks fitted . The frame was resprayed professionally, the drivetrain was replaced, wheels rebuilt with new spokes, new Tektro very-deep drop brakes to replace the Weinmann centrepulls, new 'guards, tyres, cables etc.


Need not be a problem on a steel frame,on mine I just had to pull the rear stays apart to get the wheel in.I have a few questions that I figured you guys would be able to help me with.1.I want to buy new wheels and was wondering whether anyone knows if peugeots fit shimano or campagnolo style wheels?? Is it possible to connect the gears, which are now changed by levers on the frame itself, to a system where i can change them from the handlebars (on the brake levers etc.)?? How much should i expect to pay for mid range brakes? Is it worth putting a new crankset/gears on it/ am i able to?Hello all, I am new to cycling and have just purchased a peugeot road bike from ebay. Wheels are fairly universal and not brand-specific, it's the cogs and derailleurs that are.


It is a Peugeot etoile and in pretty good condition (i.e it is ridable). The two wheel dimensions you need to worry about are the diameter (often written on the tyre) and the width. Be warned that STI levers (combined brake and gear levers) for road bikes are quite expensive. Like huggy said, it depends on what you've got already. I'm doing a full drivetrain upgrade on an old BSA tourer I just bought, but that's because I want more than five gears with the hills and mountains that I've got here in North Wales! The rear mechanism is most likely too old for indexed 'clicky' shifting (and I'm not sure if there are any 5 (rear)-speed shifters available for road bikes).And don't believe what people say about old brakes - modern brakes are far superior. The cottered BB and chainwheel was replaced by a Shimano 68 x 110 square taper sealed unit.



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