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The program benefits an average of 185 to 200 or more students per year.

Hookup Hotshot is a new porn site which was founded in 2015 by a guy who calls himself Bryan Gozzling.

This dude looks like a sleepy puppy.” And she’s right. I couldn’t tell ya.) But there will come a night when you two will be out partying together, drinking, maybe dancing (“dancing”), and you’ll both be drunk because in college all the important things happen when you’re drunk. Here’s the truth: While yes, the four years you spend partying in college will be the closest you ever come to having a life that resembles anything close to say, Drake’s life; you will also get your heart broken once in a while (which is still consistent with the Drake metaphor because if you listen to one of his albums, dude gets his heart broken at least once a week.) So yes, there is going to be a chick in college that you end up falling for.

But hey, it’s college and in time this will have been a growing experience for the both of you. And then you two will start making out, and, just like the brave sea-turtle that instinctually finds it’s way back to the beach on which it was hatched years ago, so too, drunk you will find your way back to the bed on which you awoke that morning, only this time you will arrive at your bed stumbling with your good friend safely in tow and soon the egg laying will commence. And yes, you’re going to get all your roommates to evacuate the house one night so you can play moody electronic music, light a few candles, and show her how you learned to cook paella on your semester abroad (which by the way, is the only thing you learned on your semester abroad.) But just as you start saying stuff to your boys like, “I don’t know dude, this could be the one”, she’s going to start saying stuff to you like, “I have a lot going on,” or “maybe we should just be friends,” or “I’m not over my ex-boyfriends yet,” or whatever.

There about 40 Hookup Hotshot sex videos so far, but the site is very interesting with its sex blog and unusual conception.

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