Who is alexa chung dating l chinese women dating

Chung, who donned the AC for AG "Julie" dress, a Topshop leopard-print coat and Chanel booties, shared that her collection with AG was different than past projects because "it was fairly autonomous.

I was really given free rein and in a way, it was actually intimidating." Despite any initial fears, Chung sounded like she was in good hands.


"She's great and we had a picture of her up on the wall," added the former Fuse News co-host — who currently stars in her own campaign ("That by the way wasn't necessarily my idea," she notes) — of drawing inspiration from the '60s and '70s for her latest range.

Although it looks like she has trouble to stay with one man.



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    “I think people would think it’s kind of dumb [to date me],” the 24-year-old explains.

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    Those that tend to see the good in everything and everyone -are just what we and our daters are looking for.

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