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So you never know, sometimes people think the parents are going to embarrass them and sometimes it goes completely the other way.’ ‘They go on the date straight away.

The moment they get picked, they go out of the studio into a car and they’re taken to the Meet The Parents restaurant where they have dinner and it’s all filmed and we see everything unfold immediately.’EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

She revealed: During the interview, Laura said she had refused to give fellow guest Mark her phone number backstage.“We all know how embarrassing parents can be and nobody knows you better than they do,” she says.“I can’t wait to hear what humiliating secrets they’ll be revealing and see who will regret leaving their love life in the hands of their parents.” While there isn’t an air date for the series yet, applications are open for those who want to appear on the show – if they can stand the potential embarrassment.That’s the concept of Meet the Parents, which will let the ‘picker’ ask a set of parents any question they like about their son or daughter – from relationship histories to bad habits and cringeworthy stories.


Of course, the subject of those embarrassing stories will be listening in the entire time, powerless to stop the flow of information aside from the use of a one-off life-line phone call.Because Meet The Parents – fronted by Holly Willoughby – doesn’t just try and match perfect partners in a TV studio setting, it does so with a little help from their mums and dads.



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