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GOD has set the only standard for marriage to be between man and woman ...

in biology, in physiology, in history, Biblically & scripturally and that ...

Donnie Mc Clurkin Born: Donnie Mc Clurkin was born Donald Andrew Mc Clurkin Jr. Donnie Mc Clurkin Quote:"We all claim to worship the same God, so why don't we fellowship together? The only thing that keeps us from fellowshiping together are the church buildings, the organizations."From Donnie Mc Clurkin - The Early Years: Tragically, Donnie Mc Clurkin did not have a picture-perfect childhood.



At a gospel music workshop and seminar, he met Rev. Winans and the (then) 24-year-old impressed Winans so much that he invited him to Detroit to help start a ministry.I live a blessed and prosperous life and travel this entire globe ..



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