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"Sid's was the show to which all comedy writers aspired. His TV shows' subjects included satires of real life events and people—and parodies of popular film genres, theater, television shows, and opera.

But unlike other comedy shows at the time, the dialogue was considered sharper, funnier, and more adult-oriented.

That job led to a contract with the William Morris Agency and a nationwide tour.

Caesar also performed in a Broadway revue, Make Mine Manhattan, which featured The Five Dollar Date—one of his first original pieces, in which he sang, acted, double-talked, pantomimed, and wrote the music.

He conjured up ideas and scene and used writers to flesh out the concept and create the dialogue.

His father was Max Ziser (1874-1946) and his mother was Ida (née Raphael) (1887-1975). By waiting on tables, their son learned to mimic the patois, rhythm and accents of the diverse clientele, a technique he termed double-talk, which he used throughout his career.

He first tried double-talk with a group of Italians, his head barely reaching above the table.

They enjoyed it so much that they sent him over to a group of Poles to repeat his native-sounding patter in Polish, and so on with Russians, Hungarians, Frenchmen, Spaniards, Lithuanians, and Bulgarians.

Still in the service, Caesar was ordered to Palm Beach, Florida, where Vernon Duke and Howard Dietz were putting together a service revue called Tars and Spars.


There he met the civilian director of the show, Max Liebman.

Liebman later produced Caesar's first television series. In 1946, Columbia Pictures produced a film version of Tars and Spars in which Caesar reprised his role.



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