Xbox 360 gamerscore not updating

” and if you select “no” it will sync your progress form the cloud.

(Sidenote: that introductory question the game asks seems backwards to me, and almost had me selecting the wrong option, as its default answer is not to sync from the cloud, as you might expect – it’s to overwrite your cloud save with local, offline progress.

Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra has shared a picture of what the Xbox One's Gamerscore leaderboard will look like after it's changed with an upcoming update.

As you can see, the page lets you look at the Gamerscore earned by month and compares your score to what friends achieved over the same period of time--the past 30 days.

Once you are on the Windows 10 version, there is no going back.

To this end, I have the Windows 10 version of Microsoft Bingo on my main, daily PC, but on my second PC, the one running Insider builds, I have adamantly refused to update Microsoft Bingo, keeping hold of the Windows 8 version.

The image below shows off what the Gamerscore leaderboard currently looks like.

Even in some cases the achievement lists are actually identical and the individual achievements carry more Gamerscore each, such as is the case with On Windows 10, Microsoft Mahjong has added Challenges, similar to the Solitaire Collection.

These include daily challenges, small snippets of Mahjong to test you out. (I have not seen a full changelog suggesting further changes.) your Windows 8 title. This means if you have the older version downloaded already, finish it before updating; if you have not yet downloaded it, do so now before the Windows 10 version appears in the Store properly.

Each time I earn an achievement on Windows 10, I can open the Windows 8 version and progress syncs between them and the achievement pops there too.

(I now only have two slightly grindy ones left before this insanity can end.) These are the crazy lengths you might go to if you don’t finish the Windows 8 version(s) before the Windows 10 version is available.Assuming your profile wasn't also banned, the following steps describe how: If your friend has the same model console as you (Original or S/E models), remove the hard drive (unless it's the 4GB internal flash memory) and attach it to your friend's console. HOWEVER, If your hard drive is formatted/modified in such a way that violates the Terms of Use, don't risk banning your friend's console too.


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